Here are some of the tips to make healthier choices while socialising with your friends and family .

Skip unlimited buffets

Opt for ala-carte menus,doing so might  not be economical but you will probably eat less. we stuff ourselves  with unlimited helpings when we  go for unlimited buffets. Just sampling of some food may spoil your dieting resolve.So better sit back and enjoy the service rather than making unlimited trips to the buffet table.

Portion size

portion size is the key to healthy eating.Keep portion sizes in check by placing the order for salads and soups first and by ordering less of main dishes,also share your appetizers and side dishes with your family and friends. Do not order large portions. Order one piece of naan or roti and ask the server to remove basket of bread.

Make special requests for modifications

Slight modifications can be requested like you  can request for adding veggies to the dish instead of french fries. or placing the order of dal makhni without butter.

Know the method of cooking 

If you do not know what the preparations term means,ask the attendant to explain it to you ,for e.g saute,stir fried or steamed terms are usually used in the menu. Grilled, roasted, sauted and stir fried are healthier options as compared to deep fried dishes..The name of few dishes though grilled may give you idea if they are loaded with calories for e.g. malai chicken tikka  or though the cake is baked but is calorie dense.Choose low fat or vinegar or lemon based dressings rather than creamy or mayonnaise based.

Watch out for extra accompaniments

Keep your dishes simple, extra  cheese or extra patty with veggie burger will definitely play havoc on your dietary resolve. Cold coffee is a better choice than cold coffee with a scoop of ice -cream.Similarly enjoy tomato soup without buttery soup sticks or fried croutons.

Avoid cocktails and mocktails

A drink may be fine but overindulgence  would  pile you up with empty calories.

Do not eat money

Enjoy your food and if you feel full,please leave the rest of the food.I agree that you paid for it but not at the expense of your health,push your plate away and napkins aside.


To end up meal, instead of desserts satisfy your sweet tooth with 'saunf and mishri' or a little bit of jaggery or control the portion size of the dish for e.g single scoop of ice cream rather than double one or opt for less calorie portions like half scoop of ice cream with fresh fruits.