Sleep deprivation is the major cause of disinterest in sex or life. 

If you are deprived of both REM or NonREM sleep, with small reasons you are likely to weep

You will sound down and meek, and lose interest in sex or hopes become bleak 

You lose focus and can't work or drive; low becomes the romance or sex drive

Suicidal thoughts or irritability appears, all happiness  and sportiveness disappears.

No way out but coverup your sleep; health reports also get disturbed and creep

Sleep is first than food or job; sleep is must or lose all and job.

Sleep regulates toxins, rejuvenates, moods main; or you are likely to be insane

12 to 6 am is ideal and no other time good;Dr Vaibhav Lunkad from Pune says "Sleep is my first food and without it I am no good"