Eat your breakfast like a king!!

Ohh I am getting late…I need to leave for office! Let me tell you this is the story of every individual and owing to the lifestyle we have these days the idea of consuming breakfast has taken a backseat. Now obviously as you are getting late you would either miss taking bath or eating breakfast. Though the first one is unlikely missing the latter is a huge possibility. So many of us would say I have just missed my breakfast. What is the big deal? I do it almost everyday and see nothing has happened to me yet. I am hale and hearty. While importance of breakfast has been discussed time and again, still most of us believe ignorance is bliss. 

Breakfast as the name suggests means breaking your fast. Once you go off to sleep for about 8-10 hours you do not consume anything and hence it becomes extremely important to have a good and healthy breakfast. Just a toast with a cup of tea would not work wonders for you but a slice of whole wheat bread with an omelette shall definitely do. Always remember the saying EAT YOUR BREAKFAST LIKE A KING, LUNCH LIKE A PRINCE AND DINNER AS A PAUPER. Just like your phone's battery needs to be charged every morning so that it functions efficiently, similarly your body requires a nutritious meal every morning once you wake up to keep you going all day long.

Why you should not miss the first meal of the day-

A healthy breakfast is the best!!
  1. The brain requires glucose to function and only then would you be able to work and study well.
  2. Having breakfast can boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  3. If you do not eat breakfast then even the entire day meal would not be able to provide you with the nutrients a good breakfast can provide you with.
  4. Not eating breakfast can lead to cravings and you shall end up eating unhealthy stuff like biscuits,chips,doughnuts,burgers and pastries.
  5. Remember if you do not eat breakfast then there are chances that you might suffer from irritability,lethargy and mood swings. 

So to make your life easier here are some quick fix breakfast ideas-


A healthy mixed fruit bowl.

This is the simplest of all. Chop all the fruits of your choice and refrigerate it in a Tupperware container. Next morning just squeeze some lemon  and add a tablespoon of crushed nuts on it. Simple, isn't it? Fruits are a powerhouse of fiber, vitamins and minerals which are great for eye health, skin, hair, nails and the digestive system. Nuts would give you a dose of good fats namely omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are necessary for the efficient functioning of ones brain.


A bowl of oatmeal is the best you can have for breakfast.

The best option is to make some oatmeal for yourself. Just take about 30gms of oatmeal and about 150ml ml of milk to make an oats porridge. Boil the milk and add in the oats,some raw honey and crushed nuts.Bring it to a boil and add fresh chopped fruits if you like.Oats is rich in fiber and shall keep you full for longer duration,milk would give you good amounts of protein and nuts would again give you adequate amounts of good fats.You can also make a veggie oats upma out of oatmeal by adding veggies of your choice.Oats has significantly helped in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.Not just that it is considered to be great for heart health.


Apply some guacamole on the bread slice and then add on the egg.
Eggs are a great option if you are an ovo -vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.You can cook eggs in your own style be it in the boiled,poached, omelette or in the scrambled form.Also you can make some egg muffins and store them in the fridge ,all you need to do is just microwave it for 5 minutes before consuming.Have eggs early morning with a whole wheat bread slice ,it is not just healthy but a wholesome breakfast too.Eggs are a great source of protein,vitamin D,Biotin,copper,selenium and iron.


A glass of smoothie can make your day :)
All you need to do is add in fruits of your choice and some yogurt to a blender.Make a nice thick smoothie out of it and you would surely relish the same.Before consuming just add a teaspoon of roasted flax seeds /chia seeds to the smoothie and your delicious smoothie is ready.Yogurt is a great source of protein while fruits are a lovely source of fiber.To top it up the seeds would give you enough good fats which are not just heart healthy but are capable of reducing the weight and blood sugar levels efficiently.

Try out these lovely breakfast options and I am sure you would never feel like giving breakfast a miss ever!!