Of course, we obsess over our face because it’s the first thing we see when we look in the mirror. However, the skin on the rest of our bodies not only takes up much more space but is equally important! Skin, our protective barrier, needs to be cared for and it doesn’t stop with face wash – it goes head to toe. From basic tips for daily care to treatments for specific problems, it’s time for a little skin care.

1 . CleanserUse Mild cleanser or moisturising soap, for face n body as well after bath and at night. Avoid antiseptic soaps, as these can be harsh on your skin.

2. Bathe in lukewarm waterIn winter your skin and hair needs maximum attention. Though the idea of piping hot water is very tempting, stick to lukewarm water for bathing. As hot water can strip away the moisture from your body.Limit your time in shower. Pat, don't rub yourself dry.

3 . Moisturise your skinApply moisturiser liberally after bathing. Choose a good moisturiser to keep the skin moisturised and soft. Those who have very dry skin, may need to use the moisturiser 2-3 times a day. Use lip balm for lips, preferably non fragrant.

4 . Good sunscreenExposure to sun can harm your skin in winter as well. Use good sunscreen with SPF 30 or more when you step out in sun.

5 . Eat HealthyAdding foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can improve your skin condition. Add foods like, walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds kidney beans, olive oil, soybeans to achieve good and healthy skin. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they can dehydrate your body and make your skin dull.

6 . Don't ExfoliateAvoid exfoliation regularly. Try exfoliation once in a fortnight.

7 . See your specialist if- You feel itchy without visible rash- Dryness and itching are preventing you from sleeping- Any open cuts or sores from scratching- Home care measures are not relieving your itching and dryness- Lactic acid peels can help you, if you have patchy skin.