Yuvraj Singh always motivates me when I hear about his fight against cancer. I read his book- the test of my life and I am very inspired. “Cancer” – a deadly term which scares every one as they hear about it every now and then as these days it has become very popular with the lifestyle we follow. Common types of Cancer heard in India are lung cancer, skin cancer, ovarian Cancer, cervix cancer and breast cancer. Cancer doesn’t develop over night and certain lifestyle moves and cancer fighting foods can help us in preventing this life threatening disease. We recently celebrated BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Month during October, 2016 and wore pink ribbons for the whole month. To do more and spread Awareness, I am sharing tips which can help you to prevent cancer:

Eat healthy and make it a lifestyle-

  1. Onion, garlic, brazil nuts and wild salmon are your best friends: All these have certain nutrients which help the body to produce cancer fighting cells or agents and help them die naturally and prevent it from spreading all over in case of any potential. Fish especially salmon is packed with inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids which are likely responsible for cancer fighting effects.
  2. Say no to Sugary Drinks: these drinks not only aid to diabetes and obesity but can be the biggest cause of endometrial cancer as well. a research has shown that the women who are habitual of having sugary drinks have 87% more chances of suffering from cancer because of the weight it adds up to the body.
  3. Have super food Broccoli: Broccoli is considered as the super cancer fighting food. Being a nutritionist, I will suggest you to have steamed ones rather than boiling or frying it before consumption as it contains more healthy components of vegetable.
  4. Green tea, a saviour: many studies have found that tea drinkers have a reduced risk of ovarian, breast, prostate and lung cancer. ECGC, a chemical in green tea could be one of the most powerful anti cancer compounds due to max number of antioxidants.

Maintain your body weight and be physically active

Maintaining body weight not only helps to prevent many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and thyroid etc but proves to be the saviour from cancer as well. It is advised to include 30 minutes of physical activity in daily regime to keep you fit.

Say No to Tobacco

Using tobacco especially smoking can lead to causing cancer. Even if you expose to smoking, you can be the potential cancer patient. Consult a doctor to take help in quitting any kind of tobacco for a healthy and risk free life.

Be Sun Safe

Skin cancer is the most common and most preventable cancer in India. Following tips can help in the prevention of the same:

  1. Avoid going out in the sun during the strongest rays ie. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  2. Keep yourself covered when moving out in the sun.
  3. Wear darker shades which can reflect ultra violet rays as compared to the pastel shades.
  4. Always out on your sun glasses while going out in the Sun. They are not just a style statement.

Get proper medical Care- 

Cancer prevention includes immunity from certain diseases like Hepatitis-B, HPV, HIV and Hepatitis-C.Get yourself vaccinated and do not share needles to prevent such kind of cancer causing diseases. Go for regular screening of your body to detect any kind of risk related to cancer and get it treated on the early stage itself.

Consult your nutritionist today and get a diet which should include the cancer fighting foods and start a healthy lifestyle as your care is in your own hands!!