Frenulum is a band of tissue connecting the glans of a penis to  the foreskin. 

It is faced more commonly in uncircumcised males.

In circumcised males it is not a matter of concern normally, unless due to the procedure there is scarring leading to an acquired short frenulum.

Tight or Short Frenulum of the Penis

Short or tight frenulum of the penis can restrict movement of the foreskin over the head of penis during sex. During intercourse, there is forceful sudden retraction of the skin, and the tethering effect of this leads to the problems. 

Masturbation is controlled retraction, and one may not identify the problem then. To many men it becomes evident at the time of intercourse, and can present in the following ways:

1. It can cause pain and limit the stretching of the skin.

3. It may also cause bleeding during sex if it tears during intercourse.  

4. Pain in turn may cause erectile dysfunction, as it will frighten the male partner and affect his self confidence and sexual life.

A point to Note:  Pain in the penis during sex can also occur in men with phimosis.  Typically pain from tight frenulum is felt only in the  area of the frenulum. Pain caused by phimosis is more diffuse and circumferential (felt around the penis).

Treatment Options for Short or Tight Frenulum of the Penis

Essentially the treatment options are available include 

Frenuloplasty - A procedure in which the band of tissue is divided and stitches put. This leads to resolution of the problem.

Circumcision -  Conventional removal of the foreskin.

The choice is a personal choice of the patient in conjugation with your Urologist. There is no reason to choose one option over another unless there is a coexistent problem such as phimosis. 


  • An outpatient procedure.
  • Duration of procedure: 30 minutes
  • Anaesthesia - Local Anaesthesia / General anaesthesia
  • Resolution of Sexual Activity - 2 - 3 weeks.

Go ahead and meet you Urologist if you have any concerns regarding a short frenulum.