Sexual problems in illness and after surgery

Angina after myocardial infarction:

Sexual activity can be resumed as part of general programed of increasing or graded physical activity. Although the timing of resumption will depend upon the severity of damage, 3-4 weeks after an uncomplicated attack is generally considered appropriate.
In the initial stages female superior position may be advisable. In any case too vigorous activity must be avoided.
Sex should be avoided after heavy indulgence in alcohol or food.
The room should be warm.
If angina occurs with moderate physical activity or stress, prophylactic pre-sexual nitrates may be helpful. 

Note: For some patients it may be necessary to have objective method of measuring cardiac parameter during the sex act.


Posted by Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Wnho Clinic, 2014 sadashiv peth, Tilak road, Pune. Free to call for further information.