The first important exercise to do that will help your endurance during those WILD nights is,


Any type of exercise that will elevate your heart rate and cause you to breathe harder will get that blood flowing. And LADIES, we need that blood flowing in our men. Next time your man wants a fun night, tell him a good jog to the store for groceries will have his soldier standing at the highest attention… Or something like that!!!

Frog Pose:

is the next exercise for better sex.This move is good for flexibility. It helps to opened your hips and stretch your thighs and groin area.

For some reason our men get a little excited and think our bodies are made out of latex and we can just stretch and bend all willy nilly. So, adding a few frog poses can at least give you more time before those legs give out!!!

The third movement is,


Most women already know about this discreet exercise that tightens up those “walls.” But what you may not know is that it is also good for men.

This exercise strengthens your pelvic muscles for amazing orgasms.

To make sure you are doing it correctly ladies, if you take a finger and put it inside of your vagina you should feel a pull every time you squeeze.

Men, you will see your penis lift up and it’s a good way to prevent premature ejaculation.

Fourth sexercise…..

Cat or Cow Stretch!

Just looking at the picture above you get my drift!! (wink, wink)

But seriously, this yoga pose helps the body get to a comfortable place, it limbers your spine and relaxes all your muscles!

This peaceful stretch helps to focus your mind on the gold prize.

The Pelvic Thrust is our final sexercise and it’s the most important.

This movement will get those glutes, calves and hamstrings warmed up and flexible. We don’t need any Charlie Horses while the going is getting good….

What’s more important than the pelvic thrust?

Being together; working out together, sweating, helping each other lift those heavy weights and watching for that nice form can make for an explosive night!!

These five tips will not only keep you fit, but it will also blossom your love!!