Want to have your peepers in tip-top condition even as you grow old? Well! We all want to preserve our vision until we die. Let us learn more about how easily available citrus fruits can help us have healthy and well-functioning eyes for a long time. 

The fruits from the citrus family include oranges, lemons and grapefruit. As we already know, they are primarily a rich source of vitamin C. In addition, they are also a good source of vitamin B, A,minerals and bioflavonoids. 

Read below about the positive effects of these vitamins and bioflavonoids on the eye health.

Prevention of cataract

Apparently, age-related cataracts are because of oxidative processes occurring in the lens of the eye. Vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cataract development. Furthermore, bioflavonoids in citrus fruits enhance the antioxidant activity of vitamin C. Studies have shown lower risk of cataract in individuals with high level of vitamin C intake. The daily requirement of vitamin C in our body is around 75 to 90 mg and just a large orange daily is sufficient to meet upthis demand.

Healthy cornea

There is a thin transparent protective layer over the white portion of the eyeball that you see. This layer is the cornea. It is made up of a fibre-like substance called collagen. Vitamin C helps to form and maintain the collagen in the cornea, thereby protecting the eye.

Avert loss of vision

Vitamin C keeps the tiny blood vessels of the retina of the eye healthy, thereby preventing degeneration in the macula (the area responsible for the keenest vision). Vitamin C keeps the light-sensitive retina healthy and preserves the vision. Besides, vitamin B complex also maintains the blood vessels of the retina and reduces the risk of vision loss due to macular degeneration.

Preserving night vision

Grapefruit also contains vitamin A in small quantities that is necessary for night vision.

UV filter

Ultraviolet rays of the sun have harmful effects on the eye. Vitamin C acts as a UV fighter within the eye.

Enhances eyesight

Bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits enhance the visual acuity in the longer run. Studies have reported that citrus bioflavonoids enhance the clarity of vision, overall improve close and distant vision and help to focus better.

Prevents inflammation 

Vitamin B is helpful in healing the inflammatory conditions of the eye to reduce the risk of blindness. 

Therefore, have plenty of citrus fruits and enjoy superior vision and healthy eyes for all your life.