Food is important for the health and growth of your hair as well, like all other body parts. The only difference is that you have to supply the food to the hair follicles before the hair strand grows since once it grows out it is nothing but a dead cell and nothing can make the hair thicker or straighter or healthier. But a healthy diet can keep the hair follicles nourished and the scalp healthy thus preventing hair fall and other various ailments that cause hair fall.

Just like your skin, you hair shows damage through dieting too. Just that the skin shows immediately and the hair to show the extent of damage would take longer. But nevertheless a crash dieting or an unhealthy lifestyle would surely take a toll on your hair too along with your skin.

Causes of Unhealthy Hair: 

There are also many other reasons for unhealthy hair too like,

  1. Excessive Smoking
  2. Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  3. Unclean Hair regularly etc.,

But maintaining a Healthy Diet throughout would help in combating these much more effectively than any cosmetic products ever can.

There are many food stuffs that can help in Healthy Hair Growth. Taking just any food that is regarded as healthy will not help. You have to know exactly, what ingredients favor in building block of healthy hair. In which food you would get these ingredients. You have to then include these foods into your daily diet plan. For instance protein is the most important ingredient that aids in healthy hair growth. The reason is that the hair strand is mostly made of protein and hence a protein rich diet would ensure that your hair stand is strong such that it does not break easily.

List of Protein Rich Foods:

  1. Whole Eggs
  2. Almond  
  3. Oats
  4. Cottage Cheese
  5. Greek Yogurt
  6. Milk
  7. Broccoli
  8. Tuna
  9. Quinoa
  10. Lentils
  11. Pumpkin Seeds
  12. Turkey Breast
  13. Fish (All Types)
  14. Shrimp
  15. Brussels Sprouts
  16. Peanuts

Healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair too and for healthy scalp you would need a diet rich in Iron, Vitamin E and some essential Minerals like Copper, Selenium and Magnesium. Vitamin D is also important. You would get Vitamin D through the sunlight but remember that too much sunlight can damage the hair instead of supplying it with vitamin D. For protein, minerals and vitamin E, you should take ample amounts of fishes like Salmon, Eggs, Leafy Vegetables like Spinach as well as Lentils too.

It is important though that you consult a good Doctor first before taking all the above mentioned food at once. Your doctor can plan out a Balanced Diet for you.