The antioxidant haven

Give your body a cancer-fighting edge with this easy-to-make salad. The tangy goodness of balsamic vinaigrette with a smattering of blueberries, raspberries, carrots, almonds, and green lettuce makes this salad an antioxidant haven. Isn't that just the thing you need to kick-start your day?

The spring surprise

Dry on the top with a super moist salad dressing at the bottom, it is enough to boost your spring time mood. Generously sprinkle walnuts over diced apples and radishes to give your heart healthy fats. Yum!

The pink treat

The lush pink colour of this salad comes from the beet vinaigrette, definitely a sight for sore eyes. The quinoa comes chocker-block full of fiber and protein leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

The Mediterranean mix

Start with a balsamic vinaigrette. Throw in artichokes, black olives, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, pine nuts, oregano, and mixed greens. And there you have it- crunchy and tasty goodness in your mouth.

The fruity feast

If you don't know what to do with the fruits lying in your fridge, try whipping up this delicious salad. The pomegranates give your dose of Vitamin C and the green pears, a nourishing dash of fiber. Add texture to your salad with chopped nuts and feta cheese, loaded with healthy fats and protein.

The detox salad

Have you been over eating and partying right through winter? Now is the time to detox with this tasty, lip-smacking salad. Use a lemon based, fat-free dressing of your choice. Throw in pineapple, blueberries, sprouts, quinoa and kale. Include this in your diet and watch those party pounds lift off.

These salads give a solid nutritional punch and make interesting tiffin box ideas. Add something salty and crunchy or something sweet and tangy to your lunches

Tip - You'd want to mix the textures and flavors to get maximum eating satisfaction!