Deepavali, is a festival of Lights that brings fun, joy and togetherness. Though Diwali celebrations mean lots of fun and enjoyment, Unfortunately, improper handling and playing with fireworks account for thousands of emergency room visits each year during the festival. Eyes are the second-most common affected area after the hands and fingers.

While enjoying the festival to its fullest, here are five simple safety tips for your eyes during Diwali:

  • Maintain a safe distance: Maintain a distance of an arm’s length while lighting firecrackers, and at least five metres while watching
  • Use protective glasses 
  • Wash your eyes: In the event of an eye injury, do not rub your eyes. If there are any particles inside your eyes, it will scratch your eyeballs and this will cause further damage. Instead, wash your eyes with clean water for about 10 minutes and after that visit an eye doctor at the earliest.
  • No contact lenses
  • Wash hands thoroughly

Remember – Prevention is better than Cure.

Do not let children light crackers. If there are fireworks, there should always be adult supervision.

These precautions can go a long way to ensure a safe Diwali for you, your family & friends and your loved ones.

In case of an accident, contact emergency medical services immediately.