Hello everybody!

These are interesting echocardiography clips of a very interesting and rare heart disease. RSOV means when there is shunt between aortic root to some other chamber of heart, mostly Right Atrium. Sometimes it can also drain into Right Ventricle or any other space or vessel.

This was a young female patient with RSOV that I diagnosed. This was my second patient who was diagnosed as RSOV. Many other clinicians see these patients coming for follow-ups, but de-novo diagnosis of the patient is quite thrilling! 

RSOV echocardiography images . Use this link to watch the video.

These defects can be closed percutaneously or surgically. Percutaneous device closure is successfully done by eminent cardiologists like Dr Prafulla Kerkar in mumbai among few others to say.

Hope you would also be thrilled to see the clips.

Thank you.