Citing a real case here

A 24 year old woman,  came to OPD for consultation for Abortion tablets

-She had a living female child of 2.5 years of age by normal delivery ( G-2,P-1,L-1).

-She had missed her menses and her UPT- Urine Pregnancy Test was positive and she was not desirous of continuing this pregnancy as this child is not yet school going.

-She has been complaining of on & off menstrual like lower abdomen cramps, which on some moments were severe.

-But she did not start with menses.

-On examination- her lower abdomen was slightly distended.

- Pulse rate was 92/min and BP- 100/70 mm Hg

- As a routine test and precaution before giving abortion pills, Trans-Vaginal ultrasound was performed.

-The findings suggested intra-abdominal free fluid amounting to 700-800 ml

-There was G-Sac ( Gestational sac ) like structure near left ovary which was surrounded by a mass of tissue , which seemed to be attached to left ovary.

-Diagnosis of Ovarian ruptured ectopic pregnancy was suspected as there was a breach in the outer lining of ovary too and adnexal mass was lying just close to that, along with echogenic mass lesion in the ovary (Trophoblastic Tissue).

- She was immediately posted for Laparoscopy .

- On putting the scope, the first finding that we noted was Haemoperitoneum ( Blood in peritoneal cavity)

- Upon suctioning and cleaning it up, it was then possible to locate ruptured Left ovarian ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

- Mass lesion was resected ( surgically cut ) and Haemostasis ( There is no longer bleeding ) was achieved.

- She required one unit of packed cells blood transfusion intra-operatively and her recovery post operatively was uneventful.

-Following routine safety protocols, timely intervention and availability of blood products saved the life of the woman