Genetics has historically focused on chromosomal and metabolic disorder. Genetic background play role in virtually every medical condition. This is particularly true when one considers disease susceptibility, the interaction of genetic background with the environment, host responses to illness and to pharmaceutical agents, or the metabolic drugs. Although genetics has traditionally been viewed through the window of relatively rare single gene diseases, many disorders such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, susceptibility to cardiovascular disease are also affected by genetic background, as often evident from a patient’s family history.The basic purpose of genes is the production of structural proteins and enzymes. This occurs through a series of events, termed TRANSCRIPTION, PROCESSING, & TRANSLATION.Medical genetics is concerned with the study of human genetic variation. The basis of that variation is mutation, or change in the DNA sequence. Mutations can and do occur in every cell of the body: When they occur in somatic cells, there is a risk of cancer development; when they occur in the germ line, there is a risk that an offspring may inherit a structural or functional disability. Many mutations are benign or silent; others explain variation in the severity of a genetic disease (polymorphisms), whereas others produce serious consequences.It is now recognized that homeopathic remediation can affect gene expression because, in the absence of pharmacological intervention, biological changes such as disease progress and promotion of disease symptoms as in the proving process must be driven by activation (or deactivation) of specific genes that synthesize the proteins (enzymes, hormones and inflammatory mediators, for example) that are needed to bring about those changes. It therefore follows that some homeopathic remedies must have the capacity to promote changes in gene activity. So, it has become very important to understand more about the gene targeting capabilities of homeopathic substances. Molecular biological technologies have now confirmed that highly diluted substances such as plant and tissue extracts do have the capacity to boost gene expression in a specific way.Dr.Hahnemann has mentioned in Organon of Medicine Aphorism 78 – “The true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic Miasm, which when left to themselves and unchecked,always go on increasing & growing worse, & torment the patient to the end of his life with ever aggravated suffering”. Every miasm is nothing but a defence mechanism at genetic level. Destructive defence mechanism is indicating syphilitic and constructive or physiological defence mechanism is posra. The chronic miasms in the mother were responsible for hereditary disorders in the child when he was in the intra-uterine state, and these could be treated by the homeopathic remedy.A case of a Down syndrome girl; her parents approached for the homoeopathic treatment at 4 year of age with the presenting complaints of delayed development. Her mile stones were delayed especially motor, speech & mental milestone. She had a Mongol face and had a history of recurrent infection either GI or Upper respiratory. After the homoeopathic treatment her episode of recurrent infection reached to almost nil, her height increased from 90cm to 109cm, weight increased from 13kg to 26 kg, & started to speak in span of 4 ½ years. The significant changes were observed on her mental milestone and she started to understand the things and learns well by mimicking. Homoeopathy cannot change the facial configuration because it is something which she has with born. She has very well responded initially with Nat.mur – 1M infrequently which was selected from the mother’s mental state during pregnancy, and then she was been prescribed various remedy time to time as and when the totality emerges with her growth and development.I have seen a case of Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy in a child who was 8 years old with the presenting complaints of frequently falling down while walking. His CPK level was very high (8371 U/L – on 07-11-14) at the beginning of Homoeopathic treatment which reduced to half (4245 U/L – on 11/6/15) after the seven month of ONLY homoeopathic medication. He is on “Lachesis 200 one dose weekly” and the remedy was selected from his individual characteristic symptoms like, adamant, anger violent, obstinate, heedless, poor in study, fearless, mischievous, milk intolerance & thermally hot. His frequency of falling down while walking has reduced significantly. The results at the symptomatic as well as at the biochemical markers indicate that the remedy has registered at certain level in the organism which significantly reduces the creatine phosphokinase. This is the role of homoeopathy, which reduces the morbidity as well as the mortality rate in a time span.Another case of a child who was been brought to me at 2 years 9 months of age, presented with complaints of global developmental delay and diagnosed as Agenesis of corpus callosum, he was completely non reacting, extremely dull & h/o regression of speech. He was with me for 4-5 month and in that period he had erratic response like sometime dullness improved and at times it was same and non responsive; his episode of pneumonia was cured by only homoeopathic treatment “Ars.alb. 200 frequent repetition”. Parents have discontinued the treatment and consulted genetologist and then did physiotherapy and even frequently visit to pediatric neurologist and they all have finally reach to the conclusion of poor prognosis and now the child at 6 ½ year age had h/o further regression of mile stones & since last 2 years he is same and he is not on any treatment. Parents have been advised to continue homoeopathic treatment for a considerable period of time to understand the response of a remedy in this type of hopeless case.Susceptibility plays a major role in the development of problem in genetically disorder individual to development of suffering. And the same way susceptibility is also important to treat that suffering in with homoeopathic DNA (medicine).Now, it is a time to do research with the help of molecular biology that how our dynamic & extremely low attenuated homoeopathic medicines stimulate the Genetic code.

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