3 Types of Diabetes and each has different causes and treatment.

Type 1 is called Juvenile Diabetes

  • It is felt by a younger lot and only Insulin + Diet is the therapy.
  • The pancreas cannot make enough insulin and people have to depend upon injections of insulin to lower blood sugar.
  • Gestational Diabetes is felt by Pregnant Women and here again, Insulin + Diet is the Therapy.

Type 2 Diabetes which is also called Maturity Onset Diabetes is being discussed here. 

  • It may be seen in seniors or in juniors with hectic and faulty lifestyles.
  • Preventable factors for Type 2 - Certainly Yes. When others are suffering, it can work like a shock treatment to modify lifestyle.
  • Reverse it in people who are already on medication- Certainly Yes.
  • Be a bit careful about diet and the need for medication(s) is almost nil.
  • A Landmark Study Published in Lancet finds that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a radical weight management programme that does not include any medication.
  • Doctors often focus on controlling blood sugar levels with drug treatment. A study was conducted on diabetic patients on medication for both Hypertension and diabetes type 2. They fail to address the root cause- obesity and the accumulation of intra-abdominal fat-which can be modified with diet and exercise.
  • The weight management group also saw improvement in average triglycerides concentrations and almost half saw no rise in blood pressure even though they were off all antihypertensive drugs.
  • Substantial Weight Loss results in reduced fat inside the liver and Pancreas, allowing these organs to return to Normal Functions.

Losing weight is not just linked to the better management of Type 2 Diabetes: significant weight loss could actually result in lasting Remission.