Relationships were always the most important part of our lives. May it be parents, siblings, friends, teacher, guide, colleague, lover, husband or in-laws or your own child and many more? It is all about the way we relate to the one we chose or allow to be in our lives.

We all have different ways to relate. Relationship gets more intense and bond gets stronger when there are equivalent or similar response towards us. Now, that lives are hectic and moreover the rules are interchanging and meaning and definition of relations and the way it should make you feel is changing, it is getting difficult to understand and to figure out what other person wants or should I say what do you want from the one?

Daily life is so hectic and loaded with work that we hardly get time to think of resolving conflicts because either we take others for granted or we let our fears and apprehensions come in our way of communicating the problem. Either ways, our relationship gets spoiled. We all know in good times we might not feel the comfort that a healthy relation is providing us but in distress a small fight with family, friend or significant other shake our lives. For some who have conditioned their minds to revolve around the one person feel more disturbed and their life is hampered.

Relationship could be your stress and could be your support system. But when turbulences in relationships start shaking your life then one should stop and consider it as signs that somethings are going unnoticed or ignored. It is always better to fix things up as soon as it is brought to notice rather than trying to gather back bits and pieces.

Seek help if the conversation is always deviated from track or is mostly stuck in instances or becomes a loop. Seek professional help.