It didn’t take long for the mankind to realise that ‘health is wealth’, but still we find ourselves excessively careless towards our wellbeing and ignoring signs until they become something to worry about and sometimes irreparable.

Do you relate to the above? Well, then you need to immediately change your attitude towards your health. In fact, after the age of 40, you should consult the doctor even when there are no symptoms. Following are the appointments you should make at least twice a year to reaffirm everything is going the right way.

Heart check-ups

The heart is one of the first organs which start feeling old. There might be a rise and decline of the blood pressure, which often goes undetected at first or maybe a start of diabetes. There are other loads of complications related to the heart which you wouldn’t want to worsen.

So, set your calendar twice a year and make sure you visit a cardiologist for regular checkups and diagnosis.

Bone health follow-ups

Orthopaedic surgeons agree to the fact that bone problems worsen because of ignorance and general consideration of common people that it will go away eventually or that it’s just signs of old age and nothing can’t be done.

Both perceptions are wrong and you need to visit an orthopaedic doctor if pain persists more than a week.

Female health check-ups for women

The pre and post menopausal time is very difficult for any woman, both physically and mentally. But the consequences are of no relevance in India. Women take it as a phenomenon and ignore the results. It needs to change. The symptoms of menopause are controllable and hence every woman should be in touch with their gynaecologist once they cross the age of 40.

Eye Check-up

Eye check up is necessary not only to pick if there’s any problem of sight but other conditions of the eye which shows up with old age. If your sight is normal, you can visit the eye doctor once a year and if your eyesight is weak, 2-3 times visit is mandatory.

It’s not just for you, spread the information around and take care of your loved ones by booking an appointment for them at a hospital. You can consider a hospital catering to all needs under one roof.