Most people eat only juicy flesh of a watermelon, however the rind is completely edible as well as, furthermore the rind is beneficial to your body in number of ways. Infact 95% of a watermelon's nutritional value comes from its rind.


Watermelon rind like watermelon flesh is mostly made up of water. Because of its high water concentration, it can help the kidneys process waste much more efficiently. Furthermore, being adequately hydrated helps to lower your blood pressure as well.

Watermelon rind is full of vitamins C, B6 & A. You also get a decent amount of potassium and zinc from eating rind.

The citrulline present in watermelon rind can help fight free radical damage and boost immune system. Vitamins and minerals can be found in just one serving of rind.


1. It breakdowns kidney stones

The potassium in watermelon rind is essential ingredient for healthy kidneys as it helps to regulate and maintain acid level in kidneys.water content of watermelon rind helps to flush out any stones that may be linking in kidneys.

2. Helps in weight loss

Citrulline present in it  can aid weight loss and fiber found in rind can help you feel fuller for longer period of time.

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties 

The lycopene found in watermelon rind may be able to help reduce the inflammation responsible for arthritis pain.

Watermelon rind is good source of beta carotene .Its also good for your eyes.

4. It can treat urinary tract infections

The hydrating and diuretic properties of watermelon rind means that it's highly effective at treating urinary infections. Therefore at the first sign of a UTI, you should start drinking  watermelon rind juice.

5. It helps in reducing pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant women can consume watermelon rind to reduce heart burn and any swelling associated with pregnancy. Natural sugars present in the rind can even help reduce morning sickness.

6. It helps in regulating blood pressure

Due to its water content, consuming  watermelon rind can help lower blood pressure. Furthermore, if you happen to suffer from low blood pressure, consuming watermelon rind will regulate your blood circulation and normalise your blood pressure.

7. Economically Smart

Using every single part of watermelon does not just benefit your health, it also benefits your wallet.