Your hair is more than 70% of your selfie. Its an important part of the first reflection of your personality before you interact with anyone. That is why you get tensed at the 1st sign of hair fall. No matter how much you read about upto 100 hair falling each day being normal, it pinches you when you get a bunch of hair in your hands while you shampoo. 

What is mesotherapy?

While a lot of hair salons offer wide variety of treatments to condition and improve the quality of hair. Mesotherapy is a simple 20 minute procedure to improve the health of hair roots and scalp, and ultimately stimulate better hair quality. 

How is it done?

Mesotherapy is done using a cocktail of hair peptides and hair growth stimulants, where an electroporation machine is used to inculcate the ingredients deep into the hair roots to promote the overall health of hair. 

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy on Hair?

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Stops hair loss
  • Improves hair quality
  • Increases blood circulation of scalp
  • Increases hair thickness

Who can get a Hair meso done?

Any one facing hair fall problem, slow growth of hair or who wants to maintain a good hair health can get a mesotherapy done by a dermatologist.