In stressful time, we would buy anything! Means anything under this sun to feel relieved. Even if that means only momentary relief. We get so tired, sick or exhausted and yes at times desperate that all that we want at that time is getting rid of that feeling of pain.

Alcohol,smoking or any form of drug works like an instant relief and yes it is gone.Then what? What happens when the effect gets wearing off? Is the pain, the feeling and that situation was that really gone? Or was it like you just closed your eyes to believe that you are in some other realm? And it all comes crashing. Trust me seeing everything fallen again is even more painful and pushes you to run to another realm again. So you consume it again, another beer or another smoke. And one day you find out that your mind have started to strongly belief that there is only one way to be happy. Is to consume substance. The times we consume it gets increased and so do the quantity in every time.

Why we chose Alcohol, smoke or other substance?

Following are the few reasons that could trigger or make you hose it: 

  • You are in company of people whose idea of fun is consumption of substance.
  • When you start taking it as best way to deal with stress
  • If, both or either of parents are in it.
  • Dependency on prescribed medication.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Situational issues or financial struggles.
  • Suffered a loss of loved one.
  • When you see it as a way to enhance your skills or boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • When substance abuse is part of your personality.
  • Rebellious teenage.
  •  To escape from reality

Look for signs and symptoms of Addiction 

It gets difficult to identify, if, your consumption is only for time being or pleasure seeking or you are already addicted to it. This line fades even more when you are the one using it.

  • Feeling the need of regular use
  • Intense urge for substance
  • Need for drug to get same “High”
  • Maintain substance supply
  • Spending more and more on substance
  • Not able to meet obligations or responsibilities or social circle
  • Thoughts and actions that you would else never do like stealing
  • Getting into risk taking activities and behaviour
  • Focusing more and more time and energy in substance
  • Failing in attempts to get rid of substance

Yes,you are now fully dependent on your substance. It was the choice out of need or situation relieve yourself. Not, that other things were easy or simple. This one of most options seem promising and effective.

In this time, when you are thinking of quitting, know that all you will need is will, self-check and integrity. It will be difficult but you should know this that it is not impossible. Some of the things that you should try,

  • Avoid friends or acquaintances who engage into any sort of addictive habits
  • Make sure that you do not stay empty stomach
  • You can chew sugar free gums
  • Engage into activities. Do not sit free
  • Pick up a hobby and join classes
  • Keep a check or monitor yourself

These were few things that you can try to overcome your addictive habits. If you still are not able to then it is never too late to seek help."