1. 8 hours of sleep is actually Beauty Sleep ! Hit the Pillow & Glow! - While we’re sleeping, our skin switches into recovery mode and it’s an important time of repair and regeneration after a long day of fighting off UV rays, pollution, sweat & grime. 

2. Our skin is more receptive to products at night - Anti-aging products like Retinol and glycolic acids should be used at night. The regeneration process at night can be up to 3 times faster than during the day. 

3. Our body will produce more collagen - Once we fall asleep, our body starts producing growth hormones which ensure that our skin produces enough collagen, to help our skin remain tight & bouncy and even improve & strengthen the hair and nails. 

4. Giving our Skin an environmental break - in the clean environment during sleep, no UV damage, no smoke, no smog, no temperature changes, no makeup, no sweating, our Skin is able to breath & have some important down time.