It’s indeed a hard time when someone from your family or friends is admitted in the hospital getting cured for something serious. The worry increases when the doctor informs you that they need to be monitored and treated in the ICU or Intensive Care Unit.

But if the hospital management and the doctors are trustworthy, it helps a lot. So, while they are inclined to do their jobs efficiently, you are also allowed to get your doubts cleared and informed about everything that’s going on. But to avoid chaos, you should make a list about the things you need to ask so that you don’t interrupt the treatment every now and then.

Here are the most important questions you should ask the management:

Question1. Who is treating my patient and which staffs (nurses, physiotherapists, anaesthetists etc.) are assisting him/her?

Reason: It is important to know which doctor is treating your patient. The Doctor must be a specialist in the area to ensure that the best possible treatment is being given to the patient. You should also know about the staff whether they are skilled or not.

Question2. How often can I get updated on my patient’s condition?

Reason: Disturbing the team every now and then created a chaos condition in the hospital. So, please understand and make it clear with the management on how frequently and during what timings can you get updates about your patient.

Question3. What kind of recovery to be expected and what’s the plan later on?

Reason: Often it is difficult to comment on the condition of the patient, but still you can talk to your doctor about what kind of recovery is to be expected. How long will the patient be in ICU and when taken to normal observance, what kind of treatment is to be given. It also gets you an idea of the expenses.

Question4. How can I help?

Reason: You might not be able to help directly but in certain situations, the management might need your help to make the patient feel homely. You might be needed to keep up the emotional support. Other than that, you are also expected to follow the rules of the ICU to aid the treatment process.

These are the most essential queries before admitting your loved one to the ICU. IF you have other important questions, you can put them forward before the medical team and if it’s feasible you will be answered in the best way possible.