Is your child exposed to the dentist yet? If not, it is never too late to foster a healthy relationship with the dentist and make oral scans an important part of his/her growing up. The specialists of Child Dentistry in Dental Panache, the Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon, follow child-friendly protocols to ensure a pleasant trip to the dental office.


  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Always brush with your child twice daily to inculcate the right habits from early years. Supervise their brushing till about 5-7 years of age personally to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene.       
  • ICE-BREAKER: Bring your child to your own dental appointments to make him/her accustomed to the environment, sights, and sounds of a dental clinic. Your positive experience will encourage the child for a non-threatening dental experience. Older siblings can also be a good role model.
  • DENTAL THREATS: Never scare a child with dental threats like the dentist will pull out your tooth or put an injection in the mouth. These remarks will create a very negative imprint on the child's mind.
  • DENTAL ANXIETY: If you have dental anxiety, ask your spouse to explain the child about the dental clinic and accompany them. Children are very sensitive and can sense your inherent discomfort. Please don’t intimidate the child due to your own painful experience and try your level best to shield the anxiety.      
  • FEARLESS DENTISTRY: Alarming words like “NEEDLE” or “DRILL” should never be used to describe any dental procedure to your child. We use fun and helpful kid-friendly words like “SLEEPY JUICE” or “SUPERFAST TOOTHBRUSH” to explain them.        
  • TOOTH TALK: Introduce your child to educational tools like cartoons, books, activities, poems, games, and apps to make them familiar with their teeth, importance of toothbrushing, dental visit and healthy smiles. Prior information will allay their anxiety of the new environment. A fun way to get kids comfortable is to play“dentist-dentist,” using props like toothbrushes, flashlights, paper cups for rinsing and invite all their stuffed toys for a dental checkup.
  • PRIOR INFORMATION: Prepare the child well before bringing him/her to a dental office by explaining that a dentist will be looking into their mouth for BUGS or other problems without causing any pain.

Early intervention in a child's life can help us in promoting soulful smiles and igniting young minds. Preventive Dentistry should be our motto for children instead of Curative Dentistry.