Psychological Issues like - Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Problems with decision making, Lack of interest in life, Lack of Attention and concentration, Negative thinking, difficulty forgetting past
Individual Counseling - 360 degree change in life
Marriage Counseling - Cherish your life with life partner
Counseling for Anxiety & Depression - fight with innate potential
Anger & Stress Management - Real life solutions for anger and stress related issues.
Treatment for Mood Disorders - NO prescription therapy
Life-skills coaching for academic issues -Education will become magic instead of tragic.
Relaxation therapy - totally rejuvenates mind-body-soul.
Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist/ Psychotherapist / Lifestyle Psychologist/ Corporate Psychologist/ Stress-Anger-Chronic Pain - Lifestyle-Wellness Management Consultant/ Counselor/ Cognitive Behavior Therapist/ Relaxation Therapist.