I found this topic new, fresh, interesting and untouched though related to day to day life and can be applied to majority of audiences.So here I am sharing my first article write up and requesting you to help let me see how much I've been able to justify myself on it.Social media like Facebook and whats app aren't remain new now and  not confined to only young generation but have reached to every corner of society and age groups.We share and exchange so many things on it like news,knowledge,fun,greetings,business meetings, group discussions,......the uses are endless. It has become a part of life,a habit and sometimes an addiction where its severity differs from person to person.These vast varieties of uses and expression of feelings make them a good tool to judge people's behavior and person's psychology through it. That's the reason investigative  agencies and police dept.are using these information to know more about criminals and their motives.Our Indian society has always remained curious about other's life events and happenings.Comparison of lifestyle,following the trends ,getting influenced by surroundings are important reasons of  human civilization and India is still evolving in it compare to western countries where people don't interfere much in other's pvt lives except celebrities and high profile peoples.First let me inform you more about the personality and its different types before taking further .Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual in psychological definition (Wikipidia, 2012). According to the classic Big Five Personality traits theory, personality can be divided into five different dimensions which are agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness for most cases (Lounsbury, 2006).1.Agreeableness refers to being helpful, cooperative, and sympathetic towards others.2.Conscientiousness is determined by being disciplined, organized, and achievement-oriented.3.Extraversion is displayed through a higher degree of sociability, assertiveness, and talkativeness. 

4.Neuroticism refers to degree of emotional stability, impulse control, and anxiety.5.Finally, openness is reflected in a strong intellectual curiosity and a preference for novelty and variety. (Funder, 2001)Taking  it into a lighter note let's find out how we can categorise different peoples practically through their activity on social media1:Agreeable,positive or socially expressive users :They are the true believers  of social media who actually follow majority of social etiquette and trying to be nice and kind to all by never missing to wish any birthdays,anniversaries,achievements and special occasions of social friends.They always let their presence felt and tend to use the emoticons maximum to express themselves.They are used to take part in group discussions and chat online frequently.They sometimes also behave like attention seekers and may be misinterpreted easily as fake idealistic personality.A piece of advice:As said earlier ,there is a very thin line between being positive and attention seeker.In efforts to be more social and concerned about others they may sometimes tend to forget their own family and near and dear ones  and in spite of having so many social media friends they may lack true real life friends and relations .So a balance is required to be successful in both real and social world .2:conscientious or disciplined and organised users :They are the ideal examples of mature and understanding people who can balance their social and real life very well and use the social media to remain updated with happenings of their near and dear ones and also keep them updated by rational share of personal informations .They may have lots of friends but organise them well and handle them according to their importance and place in their life.They tend to use social media smartly for various uses like image build up, social recognition,making good quality friends ,professional advertising,expression of talent e.t.cA piece of advice : no use of giving them any advice as they are not going to listen it anyway and will always keep doing it their own way !3:Extroverted or hyperactive 24x7 online users:This type of peoples are responsible for getting our mobile storage full by their msgs,images,quotes,greetings and varieties of knowledge(?) filled videos.Internet service providers are surviving and profiting because of them.They don't have orientation of time,place and person and can anytime attack other's privacy and peace without permission.Many of them are new beginners to social media and using it out of excitement and to let others feel their presence which gives them self satisfaction and some kind of recognition in otherwise neglected surroundings around them .Others are not new but chronic users who have already mastered the art of disturbing others and keep doing so in absence of resistance as people prefer to delete their waste material rather than stopping  them disturbing  just to save the relationship and tolerate it out of respect.Here I also like to mention Introverts who are exactly opposite.Inspite of being regular visitors and users of social media they prefer to remain silent or in mute mode may be because of inferiority complex,inability to express properly, lack of self confidence and poor communication skills.Being silent is the new cool as well as safe thing for them!A piece of advice:Anything over limit  is harmful and can have negative effects and spoil the personality and image.One should think twice about time,place and person before posting or forwarding anything.4:Neurotics or extremist also identified as short tempered ,strong opinionated bhakts,self made social activists and reformists.These kind of peoples are also occupies quite a strength in social media community. Though they post regularly and share so many news and opinions but seldom write original posts and  rarely disclose personal informations or life events.They are typical of Indian mentality of having interested to look and peep  into open windows of other's life but not disclosing personal stuffs. They always seem trying to prove their belief towards a particular person,party or religion and keep sharing those views on repeated basis as a duty towards their ideology. They tend to see more negative towards society and system then positive and treat social media as a medium of their expression of anger and by doing it they might be feeling themselves relieved a bit from otherwise stressful and competitive life around them.A piece of advice:Being positive towards life and surrounding situation is the only way to decrease the extremism .In fact  by spreading negative news or event through their post ,they are unknowingly helping these negative people and events become more popular!5:Open minded ,strong individuals and curious intellectuals:These are the news makers of the social media and original creators of so many posts and long msgs. Their post can have the capacity of becoming viral and can influence the masses and spread awareness as well as rumours. They can have their own agendas and fall into various categories like Artists ,poets,photographers,musicians ,writers ,business managers ,entrepreneurs ...e.t.cSome of them behave selfishly and remain inactive and unresponsive and awake only to share personal achievements to receive  the responses and appreciations of others and then go back to their shell again.A piece of advice:They should start noticing and appreciating others life also and try to be little down to earth and less arrogant to remain more popular and famous in social and real world ( ideal example :Amitabh Bachchan).At last concluding my article with two quotations on social media posted earlier on my fb wall.

👉Rather than bringing me closer to others, the time that I spend online isolates me from the most important people in my life, my family, my friends, my neighbourhood, my community. • Clifford Stoll.

👉It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time. Alexis Ohanian
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