Corona and Heart Care

In January 2020, the coronavirus was found in certain parts of China and from there it has spread to various countries around the world. Coronavirus was detected in India in March. A two-month lockdown was declared across India to stop the spread of the virus. As the virus began to spread across the country, fear among the general public grew. Almost all the patients stopped coming to the hospital for their various medical complaints as they are more likely to get infected with corona due to contact with different patients at the hospital clinic. 

But due to all these conditions, it was observed that even patients with serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease avoided visiting the hospital. Routinely for all the above conditions, we call the patient to the clinic every one or two months to make the necessary changes in their medication, but many patients are reluctant to see their doctor due to fears of getting infected with the coronavirus. Also some important medical emergencies like heart attack, paralysis patients are also afraid to consult a doctor and it is becoming difficult to treat them on an emergency basis and save their lives. So let's find out how to take care of your heart during this Pandemic. 

Do not ignore your heart 

There are many similarities between the primary symptoms of Heart attack, Heart failure, and the symptoms of pneumonia caused Coronavirus. This often makes it difficult for doctors to distinguish between the two. At such times, doctors may perform specific tests such as chest X-ray, chest CT scan, ECG, 2 D echo examination of the heart, and some specific blood tests to differentiate between heart disease and Corona infection. One of the key points I would like to mention here is that the mortality rate related to coronavirus in India is less than 5 %, but if the critical heart disease is ignored due to the fear of corona, its mortality rate is 20 to 30%. 

Avoid doing the following:

1)  Do Not neglect your symptoms - Shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness are all symptoms that can be related to heart disease, so see your doctor immediately and make sure that these symptoms are related to heart disease or not.

 2) If you have diabetes or high blood pressure and you are on medication for it, you should not make any changes in the medication on your own. If it is not possible to see a doctor, the same medications should be continued for the next 15 to 20 days. Meanwhile, try to contact your doctor. 

How to control your heart disease?

1) Do not avoid seeing your doctor

Friends, sanitization measures are strictly followed in all clinics and hospitals, so you should feel free to visit your doctor in their clinic or hospital. 

2) Use of telemedicine technology

With the advancement in the field of communication, we can now contact and consult our doctors with the help of video calling. With the help of various software and platforms, we can send all our reports to the doctor and make the necessary changes in our pills and medicines.

3) Technology and self-discipline

Friends, there are accurate and simple machines available in the market that can be used at home for measuring body sugar level or measuring your blood pressure. With advances in technology, these machines can accurately measure your body's sugar and blood pressure, so you can buy these machines with the advice of your doctor and keep a close eye on your diabetes and high blood pressure at home. With the help of this machine, we can record the amount of blood pressure or body sugar in a book with the date and time. This record book can be shown to your doctor during follow up visits, so the doctor will know if your diabetes and high blood pressure are really under control or not and will change the medication accordingly.  

Friends, the battle against Corona is not a day or two days long but it can last for one to two years, so you need to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle accordingly. At the same time, the old treatment methods will become obsolete and you will have to get used to living with the “New Normal”. So let's move on with all these new technologies and control our heart disease in a better way.