We all somehow love the idea of romanticizing monsoon. And why not? It certainly gives us the much needed break from the heat that the sun god left loose on us in the months before monsoon. However, the rainy season also brings with it an increase in humidity and an increase in water-borne diseases. This makes it imperative for us to protect ourselves from the rains and stay healthy.

It might come as a surprise but according to a study, it is a known fact that ear issues tend to increase up-to eight times during the monsoon season. The increased levels of humidity are mostly the culprit as they provide a conducive environment for the growth of both bacteria and fungus. Some of the common ear complaints experienced during monsoon are ear itching, ear blockage, earache and ear discharge. So let us dig in and get to know about some of the common ear ailments in monsoon season.

Cerumen (Ear wax)

Cerumen is a common issue encountered throughout the year. However, it is during the monsoon that it starts to cause an issue. Due to the high levels of humidity or accidental entry of water in the ear the wax sometimes tend to swell and can cause earache, ear blockage, ear itching or decreased hearing.

Bacterial Ear Infections

Bacterial ear infections are by far very common in the practice of an ENT, but the monsoon season tends to make them even more prevalent. They can range from infection of the pinna, the ear canal or the middle ear. People who already have ear drum perforations are at an increased risk of developing ear discharge during this time of the year.

Fungal Ear Infections

Fungal Ear infections are quite uncommon during other times of the year unless the patient is immunocompromised. However, it is during the monsoon season that even the fit and healthy person can develop fungal infection of the ear due to inadvertent water entry into the ears. Moisture provides a breeding ground to the fungus like no other. Patients develop complaints of ear discharge, earache and ear itching. The itching in these cases usually signals the fungal origin of discharge.

Ear hygiene is of utmost importance and one needs to be extra cautious during the time of monsoon. Always make it a habit to keep your ears clean and dry. In case you develop any of the symptoms mentioned here, please consult a doctor.