Old is Gold. Oxytocin is given to reduce post partum bleeding as a routine. It helps constrict blood vessels,specially the ones supplying blood to the uterus.

Certain terms used are technical & if Aam Junta finds difficult to interpret,please ask Google for Help.

All Through the Reproductive Years of a Woman, from Menarche to Menopause,Blood Supply to Uterus is Richer & More compared to other organs of the Body, including the muscles of heart.

For Obvious Reasons, During Pregnancy, Uterus gets More Blood.

Just After Normal/ Operative Delivery, Uterus Starts to Shrink, slowly and By Day 10 after delivery,size gets down to the level of Navel of Mother.

Post Partum  Hemorrhage (PPH) is a leading Cause of Mortality & Morbidity within 40 days of delivery.

Reason is Justified to Give Oxytocins like Syntocinon & Newer Medicines As a Prevention.

MTP if carried out skillfully,Does Not Need Such Medicines.

Prostaglandins are a Substitute For Syntocinon.

They Were Introduced as Injectable During Early 1970s.

These Days There are Innumerable Forms of Prostaglandins- Pessaries, Oral Tablets ( MTP Pills),low dose injections.

They are used rampantly without giving a thought about long term side effects.

A woman after surgical abortion is likely to bleed for 3-4 days & she may not even need injections of Syntocinon as Prevention against extra bleeding which does not happen if procedure is done skillfully.

MTP pills are Sold Like Candies.

The idea to introduce them in market was to prevent women going to Dais & Seedy Joints for Illegal Abortions.

But It Has Backfired.

Success with MTP pills till 8 weeks is 50% & Women do take it beyond 8 weeks Because MTP Pills are Available Over the Counter Without Any Prescription.

Agreed that Women Are Scared of Doctors.

But During the process of Self Medication, they Get Inevitable Complications Like Incomplete Abortion, Infections, Anemia & Land up in Hospitals as Emergency.

Give Us a Choice

Take Us Back to times when These Medicines Were Not Available & Surgical Abortions were the Only Choices.

Conditions where Prostaglandins are Likely to be Abused

1) Women are Given MTP pills If doctors fear Retention of Products ( Ultrasound Shows a Swollen Endometrium & there is No Piece)

2) MTP pills are given to Induce Abortions.

3) Just Read the Fine Line Written On Pack- Side Effects can be Fevers & Respiratory Problems.

4) MTP pills induced Abortion- Suspense of 10 Days & Success Rate 50%

MTP Pills Are Loaded with Hormones Which Can Make Periods Erratic,Delayed, Irregular and Do Cause INFERTILITY due to Hormonal Imbalance.

COPD is Genetic & Acquired Due to Stress, Pollution & Certain Medicines including Prostaglandins.

Do Not Make the Women Suffer For Life by giving her prostaglandins,where there is No Indication.

COPD is a Terrible Respiratory Disease & Unlike Asthma, makes Women Handicapped for Life To Depend Upon Nebulizers, Oxygen, Hospitalizations & prone to Heart attacks because Low Levels of Circulating Oxygen in her Blood Due To Less Inhalation Can Trigger a Heart Attack.

Save Lives of Women & Make it Worth Living By Giving Her 'Safer' Medicines During Her Youth.