Ancient Ayurveda has described the use of different utensils to extract different nutrients and thus prevent the disease. Modern science has yet to discover this aspect which shows the diversity of our ancient medical system. By using these tips we can extract many health benefits without much cost. 

Here are some common cooking and eating vessels with their effects and side effects:


Silver Utensils:

Silver is a rigid metal, which gives inside coolness to the body. The body fights the temptation to frenzy, making and feeding the nourishment in its character manufactures the brain, the eyes are strong, the eyes increase and the extension is controlled by Pitta, Kapha and Vata Dosha. 

Cooper Utensils:

Drinking water kept in copper vessels helps in keeping the body free of contamination, detoxify the blood, Improves the memory, liver issue, copper water wipes out the destructive segments of the body, along these lines kept in this character Water is valuable for prosperity. Drain ought not to be expended in Copper utensil as it can affect the body.

Iron Utensils: By cooking the sustenance in Iron utensils, the body's vitality assembles, gives the supplements required in the body. Cooking in the Iron Vessels annihilates various afflictions, similar to Anemia and Jaundice. Drain can be taken in the iron pot. 

 Clay Utensils:

Cooking in stoneware gives nutritious nourishment that keeps every disease a long way from the body. By and by the front line science has exhibited that many sorts of sicknesses of the body can be cured by making sustenance in pottery. According to Ayurveda, if nourishment is to be nutritious and scrumptious, by then it must be cooked well ordered. Regardless of the way that it requires greater investment to cook the nourishment in earthenware production, be that as it may it gives restorative focal points to it. The most suitable things for fired cooking are drain and dairy create. Making a supper in a pot of ceramic gives 100 percent nutrients(Nutrients are not lost). Moreover, if the nourishment is eaten in a pot, it furthermore comes in its own particular taste. 

Bronze Utensils: By eating nourishment in bronze pots, Sharpens the memory, blood gets cleaned, builds the hunger. Regardless, curds, acidic, sour things, cheddar ought not to be taken in a bronze product as it responds and ends up plainly lethal. By cooking in bronze utensils just 3 percent nourishment supplements are lost. 

Steel Utensils: Steel utensils don't cause hurt since they don't respond with any material and don't end up plainly destructive. It neither increases the value of the sustenance nor makes any unsafe impacts. 

Brass Utensils: Cooking and eating sustenance in metal utensils does not expeditiously worm infestations, hack and other Respiratory Diseases. The upside of Cooking in the Brass utensils is that lone 7 percent supplements are lost by cooking nourishment in brassware. 

Aluminium Utensils: Aluminum Utensils are made of aluminium bauxite. The sustenance that is made in it is hurtful to the body. It assimilates iron and calcium which causes powerless bones emotional instabilities, liver and sensory system damage. It can likewise harm kidneys bringing about Renal disappointment, Asthma, Tuberculosis and Diabetes. Cooking and Eating in Aluminum Vessels crushes 87 percent of nourishment supplements