My this article will insist for the proper diagnosis and treatment planning before starting any dental treatment.

Normally, dental pain is severe in nature and is radiated to ear, head and neck. It is very difficult for the patient to locate the source of the pain. Sometimes patient may not tell you the correct details. Wrong arch means pain is in the upper arch (maxilla), but patient keeps on insisting for pain in the lower (mandible). So, it should be the dentist's duty to listen calmly to the chief complain of the patient, take proper history like severity, duration, aggravating/ relieving factors, location etc. then, check clinically and try to relate history with the clinical findings. If still further tests are required, do not hesitate and go for IOPA, OPG or even scan before starting treatment. I insist here that before starting the treatment, dentist should educate patient by telling the procedure in detail, show treatment procedure by photos or videos, clear all his doubt, make him comfortable then only start the procedure. Patient will be confident and co-operative to you during the treatment. 

Simultaneously, it is patient's duty also to let the dentist do all the investigations and examination before treatment. These investigations are for the benefit of the patient and helps dentist to treat you more precisely. Be calm and co-operate in answering all his questions about your sickness. Please mention your previous dental history if any, either good or bad.

Wishing all the readers a very healthy smile.