Dental implantology has been a great advance in modern dentistry, since it allows rehabilitating the absence of dental pieces in a comfortable, stable and durable way. In recent years, many franchises and / or dental clinics have appeared under a philosophy of low cost prices that generate some uncertainty among patients. Surely you wonder if the treatments with dental implants at low prices are reliable in the long term or if, on the contrary, there is a surcharge in those clinics with conventional rates.

So what problems can cheaper implant treatments cause? In general, the centers that resort to low prices usually have some deficit in some of the factors that are essential to obtain a good result and, therefore, dental treatments with cheap prices can lead to one:

1. Increased probability of implant failure: In general, the probability that an implant will fail is 1% when we have the quality of materials and the reliability of a center with experts in dental implantology. Therefore it is very difficult for an implant to fail.

2. Higher chance of complications: Cheap implants usually have a greater number of complications such as pain, infection, inflammation, bleeding or masticatory difficulties.

3. Increased probability of an anesthetic result: This is undoubtedly one of the most frequent problems in cheap implants and usually occurs when the appropriate technical measures are not taken during the intervention. Many times, the retreatment of these implants to improve the aesthetic result requires several interventions.

4. Less durability of treatments: Generally, cheap implants are less durable, since, when performed in poor interventions, the result is less resistant to the passage of time. We have already described some of the problems generated by cheap implants, however many of you wonder that other factors, in addition to the price, can guide us when choosing a reliable center for the placement of a dental implant. 

How to choose the right clinic for an implantology treatment?

It is important to remember that dental treatments are a service and, therefore, as in any other sector, prices and reliability vary according to some factors that can be appreciated at the first appointment in the dental clinic.

1. Prestige and reputation of the center: It is undoubtedly the most important of the factors that condition the price of treatment. The most prestigious centers offer a professional career backed by the satisfaction of the patients treated in the center. To this factor must be added the years of trajectory of the center. The more years the center meets, the more its prestige is consolidated.

2. Academic and professional level of dentists: Centers with highly qualified professionals and in constant academic training offer safer, more reliable and successful treatment and, therefore, with fewer complications or unexpected results. They also offer solutions to complex or difficult dental problems, as in the case of dental Implants.

3. Reliability and requirements of the dental clinic: The level of demand for finishing treatments is not the same in each center. Dental treatments are full of small details (aesthetics, functionality, comfort, ease of hygiene, etc.) that make a difference.

4. Comprehensive study: It is the first step to avoid complications. Analyzing the problems and planning the techniques performed takes time. We can reduce the study time to achieve price savings, but there is also greater uncertainty in the final result.

5. Strict protocols and advanced treatment techniques: Dental treatment involves a series of steps and procedures that are very well described. Eliminating any of these steps saves the price, but also the final quality of the result.

6. Technology used in treatments: The use of 3D technology or surgical microscopes to achieve minimally invasive microsurgery, allows more comfortable postoperative, as well as more precise and lasting results.

7. Materials and instruments used in patients: The use of scientifically proven implants carries higher prices than implants without scientific studies. In the same way that having a wide range of instruments allows us more successful and less complicated surgeries, but also leads to higher prices.

8. Patient care service: The punctuality of the center, the facilities, the coordination between the doctors, the wide hours, the rapid response in emergency treatments and a personalized treatment are some of the factors that usually require higher prices to cover the human and technical resources possible to achieve Exquisite service

We hope that this information allows you to have more criteria when deciding on a dental center. However, if you still have doubts, we recommend that you always visit two centers to be able to compare and study the mentioned factors.