Good oral hygiene is an important part a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Healthy mouth, healthy body. 

Yet many times expecting mothers are hesitant to visit a dentist during pregnancy.

Dental care during pregnancy is equally important. 

In between journeys to the doctor, shopping for the baby, don’t let visiting your dentist fall off your pregnancy to-do list before your baby comes.

Getting an oral check-up done during pregnancy is safe and vital for your dental health.

Let's see the importance of dental visit during pregnancy and some diet tips to maintain good oral hygiene during pregnancy. 


1. Hormone Fluctuations

Hormone fluctuations and certain medications taken during pregnancy can increase the chances of gum diseases and mouth dryness. Pregnancy hormones can lead to benign growths in the mouth that are not essentially hazardous but can certainly be annoying.

2. Prevention of Gum Diseases

The condition of your gums has a close possibility of directly affecting the health of your baby-to-be.

During pregnancy the body releases certain hormones to activate labour; these are very similar to those released in retort to an infection.

Expecting mothers with gum infections are six times more likely to deliver their baby earlier than women with fit gums.

3. Nausea due to Morning Sickness

Nausea related to severe morning sickness is capable of causing acid erosion of the enamel. 

Owing to the strong gag reflex, pregnant patients might face a hard time brushing. The only resort is to make use of a smaller toothbrush to make brushing easier.

4. Getting treatment as early as possible

Dental treatment done during all three trimesters is absolutely safe. However, the 2nd trimester is the safest trimester in which to get dental treatment.

Even the last trimester is a safe period, but the patient might experience discomfort laying back for an extended time period. So it is better to have regular dental visits so as to get treatment as early as possible. 


Since the baby's teeth start developing during the 3rd to 6th month of pregnancy, it is essential that expecting mothers must monitor their diets to upkeep a healthy oral condition even in their babies.

1. Curb sweet cravings

Some expectant mothers are likely to experience unusual food cravings while they are pregnant.

A steady craving for sugar-rich snacks may increase chances for developing tooth decay. Hence try and munch on low-sugar snacks instead.

If nothing but sweetness will please your craving, try to opt for healthier options such as fresh fruits. 

2. Upturn your calcium intake during pregnancy

You are required to increase your daily amount of calcium during your pregnancy. Adequate calcium will guard your bone mass and will also meet the nutritive requirements of your growing baby.

Some great calcium sources to incorporate are milk, cheese and unsweetened yogurt to name a few.

3. Escalate your vitamin D intake during pregnancy

Vitamin D will help the body to use calcium. Good sources of Vitamin D include eggs, cheese and fatty fish to name a few.

Regular dental visits and following healthy diet during pregnancy will help in maintaining your and your baby's health.