Prevention is better than cure has been an age old saying when it comes to the profession of specially doctors & i absolutely believe in that. In todays advanced space age of rocket science, almost anything & everything is possible. Procedures like artificial fixed dental implants, cosmetics & other developments ,everything is possible provided you do your research properly & get the needful done. But has it ever come to anybodies mind that no matter what artificial procedure you get done, it can never ever replace your natural god given body. Yes its true, from your eyes, to knees to artificial teeth, nothing can ever be as natural as your original body part ever.

                  So heres the cure. To prevent damage as far as possible. In order to have a good oral hygiene, we need to inculcate some good oral hygiene practices. Brushing & flossing after every meal. Yes you read it right, Floss.... did u not hear about it before ?? well heres the fact... If you are not flossing, you are leaving almost 30-40% caries susceptible area untouched where brushing cannot do anything. That is called the interproximal area , in between two teeth surfaces where most of the times caries exposures happen resulting in root canal treatments & so on.

Use of Fluoridated tooth pastes & getting Sealants in areas of deep fissures in premolar & molar teeth. Sealants are filling materials in liquid state which can seal even the minutest of gaps/fissures inside the tooth structure but case selection by the dentist is a must as everyone is not a good candidate for that.

If we all believe in the habit of prevention, than most of us can reduce the anxiety that is usually associated with the thought of multiple dental visits. Getting your routine basic dental check up done every six months is a must as per international norms... So Good luck !!