Greetings from SIDDIQUI CLINIC, Darbhanga, a place where your health is restored and preserved in a very gentle way of Homœopathy, in a rapid manner, and as a permanent solution. Wishing you a Happy Summer and suggests you to not let this Summer ruin your health, debilitating and, or dehydrating you.At most places across the country it reached more than 48°C temperature which is enough to harm you.


We can't control the heat of the Sun reaching earth but we can protect ourselves externally as well as internally.Variety of wardrobes are in trend that suits your personality as well as protect you from external thermal variations. You can choose clothes as par the season & need without compromising with your style and trend.People as a top wear uses clothes in either full sleeve, half sleeve or sleeveless, and in lower wear they uses full, half or shorts. In the wearing styles whatever body part is exposed is directly affected from the Sun heat and can receive even the Sun Burn.What people should do is just apply a simple moisturizer or sunscreen not with much chemicals, on the exposed parts, 30 minutes prior to go outside. Doing this can protect you externally.For internal protection, increase your water intake, take plenty of water or fruit juices, and avoid cold drinks,chilled water. Just use simple cold water, best is to adopt soil made pots ' Matka'.Dehydration is the commonest thing we encounters in extreme heat climate. By increasing water intake, we can cope up with the situation.Blood pressure too fluctuates in these type of extreme environmental temperature variations.Hypertension ( increased blood pressure ) and Hypotension ( decreased blood pressure ) go side by side during these sorts of climate change.One can experience the Hypertension, I.e., increased blood pressure where there is simple raise in environmental temperature but as it advances further, the same person undergo perspiration and if the temperature tends to rise furthermore and the perspiration continues then the person can experience dehydration and cold clammy body resulting ultimately in Hypotension which is a critical condition. During a Hypotensive condition patient can experience;√ Uneasiness√ Restlessness√ Heaviness and cramping pain in extremeties√ Headache√ All gone sensation in Chest√ Pain in Chest√ Polydipsia ( increased thirst )√ Drowsiness, etc.People should immediately check for their blood pressure and if it found decreased then they should take the sugar, salt & water solution to raise their blood pressure to a normal level. And too avoid sleeping during Hypotensive stage.If a person is experiencing Hypertension, i.e., increased blood pressure then the management should include, Rest, Fanning, Sleeping, Avoid stress & exercise, Avoid direct Sun Heat.Just protect yourself internally as well as externally, and let the Summer season pass peacefully and happily.Do educate your surroundings too about the precautions & preventions during Summer.

Happy Summer Season

Dr. Sarfraz Ali SiddiquiSiddiqui Clinic,Darbhanga