Osteoarthritis of the knee has been increasing in India. According to a report, 41.1% of the urban population suffers due to Knee OA and females are affected more than males. Surgery has been considered as a primary and final option for prevention. Another way of preventing and solving knee problem is what we have developed. 

A specialized knee rehabilitation program that results in quicker and long term benefit. A patient from Mumbai, Mrs. Bamboat, a 60 years old housewife, was unable to do daily activity freely due to tremendous pain in the knee due to arthritis with meniscus injury. She was advised to undergo surgery for the same, however, she denied and also consulted doctors in Singapore, but no outcome. She visited us and complained “My pain is so severe that I am unable to stand, walk or sit down, some people say that I am limping to one side” She approached Muscle n Mind for treatment. After enrolling in our Long Term Rehab Program, she was all fine having no pain at all. According to WOMAC (Knee Arthritis scale), she recovered drastically over a period of 2 months. After the treatment,she says “My family and Friends have started noticing a significant change in my walking and daily activities,I am able to do all the activities which I was afraid of due to pain.”

We have seen drastic change in WOMAC score (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index ) in many patients, this results in long term effect and it can save surgery as well.

Improvement seen in our long term knee rehab program

The above results shows, there is significant relief in our long term knee rehab program. With our 1 year follow-up shows no regaining of previous symptoms. The clinical trials are still in process, and therefore we are not able to reveal more as of now. But above result shows, our comprehensive knee rehab program improves pain and disability drastically over a two month program.