Pregnancy loss is one of most common complication affecting 30% of conceptions. Most of these losses are first trimester losses and less than 5% are lost after 10 weeks. These latter losses called fetal deaths are emotionally devastating for both families and doctors. Pregnancy losses before 20 weeks are called abortions and that after 20 weeks are fetal deaths or stillbirths.

How Fetal deaths can be diagnosed?

  • Cessation of previously felt fetal movements.
  • Decrease in pregnancy related symptoms such as nausea.
  • Complaints of Bleeding, Cramping or Labor
  • May remain asymptomatic. 

Risk Factors and Causes

  • Advanced maternal age & severe maternal infections
  • Obesity
  • Maternal diseases like Hypertension, Thyroid diseases, Kidney diseases, Asthma, Cardio Vascular disease ,Multiple pregnancy, Auto immune diseases. Out of all these Diabetes mellitus and High Blood pressure are the main culprit. 
  • Addictions (especially smoking ,Cocaine use, Abrupt narcotic withdrawl ex. Heroin)
  • Radiations
  • Genetic diseases and fetal infections
  • Unexplained causes.

Strategies to prevent recurrence of fetal death depends on cause of prior loss. Improved medical care for  maternal disorders has now significantly improved the outcome. Regular pregnancy surveillance is strongly recommended.

Fetal Death is a Preventable complication of Pregnancy.

So, All the Best. Take Care