One of the best experiences so desired by almost all women would be to have a baby at some point in their life. Motherhood is what most yearn for, but unfortunately for some women it is a challenge to conceive. There could be many reasons why a woman cannot conceive naturally, stress, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, lifestyle issues and more to name a few, however medical experts opine the right diet and eating the right foods could help boost fertility.

Top 5 foods that would help boost fertility

  • What you need to have in plenty would be iron and folic acid, which is found in green leafy veggies. Green veggies help make the endometrial lining strong- the uterus inner lining, while iron helps the zygote house itself cozy in the uterus. Cabbage helps in boosting metabolism, prevents endometriosis and also stops fibroids from happening; whole broccoli has plenty of iron and folic acid along with vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is important to help mature the egg while a woman ovulates. For more of vitamin B and E, potatoes should be part and parcel of a woman's daily diet; potatoes help with healthy ovum production and cell division increase too.
  • Fruit bowls filled with citrus fruits bring in plenty of minerals and vitamin C to the body that helps release the eggs staying put in the ovary! In addition to that, to boost sexual prowess, one should have plenty of pomegranates too. Bananas are known for their high content of vitamin B6, a vitamin that also helps with regular menses cycles too. Women with low or irregular menses cycles are prone to motherhood challenges and conception, say medical experts. Don't forget to make the fruit bowl a little tangier than before; add slices of pineapples in it, which helps with the production of reproductive hormones- thanks to the presence of manganese in it!
  •  have at least one egg a day, since it has omega 3 fatty acids in it, choline and vitamin D, and along with that, a few thin slices of fish (salmon), oysters or shell fish too- all of which are complete super packed powerful foods that help boost fertility in women!
  • Spice up your salads and meals with Indian spices that help promote pregnancy, for example chilies and turmeric. Both chili and turmeric are known to have plenty of antioxidants in them, which ensure plenty of supply to the reproductive organs, and they produce endorphins that bring down the stress levels of the body too. Garlic also helps boost the nutrient quotient a body needs, since it has selenium which is a mineral that helps prevent miscarriages.
  • Make the meals a little crunchier than the usual by adding seeds (roasted or raw) to them. For example, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds with a topping of olive oil. The seeds mentioned have plenty of zinc in them which play an important role in cell division, stops fibroids from happening and the ligins found in seeds helps boost fertility too. Olive oil and its benefits cannot be underestimated, and it has monosaturated fats that brings down the inflammation in the human body and helps with healthy pregnancies too!

Medical researchers from Harvard say follow the healthy fertility diet. This isn't just wishful thinking. Instead, it comes from the first comprehensive examination of diet and fertility, an eight-year study of more than 18,000 women that uncovered ten evidence-based suggestions for improving fertility. 

Now that we have told you about the five healthy bites you could enjoy and help yourself towards the path of expectation, we wish you luck! Do speak with your gynecologist and an expert nutritionist too- hoping to hear the good news soon!