Foetal movement is not only a scientific assurance that everything is alright in there, but also brings about an emotional stability in pregnant women that their baby is alright. However, on the other hand, the loss or reduction of foetal movements does the exact opposite. It worries the mother and medically as well it is a warning sign of something going wrong.

Though some women may experience reduction of foetal movements for a couple of days and it can be entirely normal, it is not for every time it can be said so.

In fact, reduced foetal movement can be a sign for any of the following:

  • Still birth
  • Foetal growth restriction
  • Placental insufficiency
  • Inherited deformity and more

It is therefore recommended to report to your Gynaecologist if your foetal remains inactive for more than 24hrs. Even if nothing is wrong, a check up doesn’t harm and saves a lot of worries for the pregnant woman. And if something’s wrong, an early detection through clinical assessment can help in quick resolution of the condition.