The amniotic fluid or water in general terms is the fluid that surrounds the fetus in the mother’s womb. The fluid performs various functions which include cushioning the baby against any external pushes, carrying nutrition and oxygen to the baby, etc.

However, after 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fluid level starts to decrease to prepare your body for the delivery of the baby. It is possible that the fluids start leaking at some point and the level of fluids starts decreasing drastically.

This case of fluid leak out is known as oligohydramnios. A common reason for the leaking of the fluid is due to the rupturing of the amniotic sac.

The condition, if not bought in the notice on time can lead to:

  • Birth defects
  • Premature birth
  • Stillbirth
  • Other complications in the birth-giving process
  • Or even miscarriage

The importance of knowing about it is hence all the more important to bring it to the notice of your Gynaecologist at the earliest and do the most favorable thing as per your condition.