Everybody loves to party and surely nobody wants to miss out on it. But after this party, fun-filled dance, delicious food and obviously alcohol, next day there come a state of unpleasant mood, a feeling of awfulness with poor performance and conflict at work. And this state ruins your whole day, and suddenly you regret all of the entertainment you had last night. But do you think this regret is worth of anything if you have done your detoxification in a more unaffected yet smart way?

Here I come to your rescue, with my magic and powerful detoxification recipe, but before that let me tell you that drinking is not bad until or unless you don’t make it your lifestyle and choosing the best drink in the party is the new and smart way of drinking. The best choices you can make from a calorie perspective view are tequila (69 cals), rum (64 cals), vodka (64 cals), whiskey (70 cals), gin (73), wine (24 cals), and beer (13 cals) per ounce.

So choose smartly, party hard, gift your body magic detoxification the next day.