There is recent buzz around pineapples being used for weight loss. So, we decided to really find out if eating pineapple can really help weight loss! To know, let’s see whats the nutritional value of pineapples and how it can possibly promote weight loss?

One slice of pineapple contains 40 calories from fruit sugar, and contains no fat or protein. It contain fiber, Vitamin C, Manganese and other antioxidants. The fiber will help to fill you up as will the water content. Manganese is good for strengthening bones. There is also Pectin, which coupled with Vitamin C prevents bloating. Also contains water, and you know water is really healthy. It also contains Bromelain, which promotes muscle strength and muscle elasticity, and is known to prevent the onset of cellulite.

So, overall pineapple is good for your health, but does it have any special properties to promote weight loss? We don’t think so. It can help weight loss if you replace high calorie foods in your diet with lower calories from pineapple, but no magical property of pineapples will help you lose weight. In fact, among fruits, pineapples have a relatively higher glycemic index , so it’s not exactly keeping your blood sugar low to help your body burn fat.

Ensure that you eat fresh pineapple. The canned pineapple is loaded with sugar, and sapped of nutrients lost in processing.