Chicken meat is white meat which has a lot of protein but high level of cholesterol in comparison to other meats. It is a rich source of essential nutrients and vitamins. Chicken provides selenium which is important as it contains anti oxidants to control free radicals and improve the immune system.

Nutrition of Chicken

Cooked chicken meat gives chicken meat weighting about 100 gm contains 312 calories. Chicken gives you high amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats which are healthy. It gives the body phosphorous, selenium, zinc and iron. Chicken gives the body important Vitamin B6 & B12 along with vitamin D. Chicken is the one of the source of high quality lean protein, which is very important for the growth and development of various body organs. It is good for people on weight control.

Health Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is a very good source of lean, high quality protein which is an essential nutrient for growth and is important in assisting overweight and obese people. For older people, the proteins in chicken help against bone loss. Eating 100 gm of chicken breast gives you half the daily protein requirement. Chicken is a good source of B-vitamin that protects the body against cancer. The trace mineral selenium is found in good quantities in chicken essential for thyroid hormone metabolism, anti-oxidant defense systems, and immune function of the body. High protein give the body enough energy to function properly. Phosphorus in helps maintain the health of teeth and bones, and also ensures healthy functioning of the kidneys, liver and the central nervous system.