I know the entire lockdown and panic surrounding COVID-19 has created a lot of economic strain, personal and professional stress and fear.

However, if we could just look a little deeper into the situation and shift our focus to the many unexpected, powerful and positive effects that this pandemic has unfolded, then perhaps it will cease to look all that awful after all. This is definitely not to say that we don’t empathize with the sufferers, our heart goes out to them – but this is for everyone else whose energies are just focused on the increasing numbers. It’s easier said than done, but it’s not that difficult after all to look a different perspective. Here – let’s try it together. 

Online sharing: The entire world is spending more time online, sharing important information with each other lead to a massive awakening of the masses. People are not only sharing information from various sources but are also not hesitating to ask for help, verify the information, and ensure that the right information is sifted through the wrong ones.

Virtual leadership on the rise: More leaders and influencers are coming out and sharing their personal thoughts, experiences on everything from viruses, natural health, the economy, dangers of modern technology and so much more! We are all sensing the urgency for true information and the positive change this information can bring. Many bloggers and influencers are using their power in hand to make the impact of letting their followers establish a trustful dynamic with them.

Nature is breathing again: Hasn’t everyone noticed how the skies are bluer, the air is cleaner and the trees are greener? With so many people indoors and out of the streets, we are witnessing a dramatic decrease in environmental pollution (less garbage in the streets, less littering, less plastic in the oceans, etc.) as nature got its break that was long overdue.

Back to basics: In a world where for decades, the focus, has been on materialism, vanity and instant gratification, this sudden shift in economic status and lifestyle have helped us prioritize our true needs – decreasing unnecessary spending while minimizing indulgences. Our bodies will surely benefit, besides our minds. Oh, what a time to declutter!

Time to tune-in: Having fewer distractions, allows us to tune in, look inside, think less, plan less, do less, and FEEL MORE. The time has never been better for self-reflection, emotional cleansing and getting in touch with the things that truly matter in life. This pandemic may be a great tool (one that comes once in 100 years) to force humanity to be present and live in the moment – all of which provides us with more joy, peace, and satisfaction in life.

Love all, serve all: Times of distress, like these, calls upon our very human compassion, our love and our desire to serve. With this shared devastation and restriction, we are seeing more wide-scale kindness and connection than we may have seen in normal scenarios! The whole world is witnessing the sweetest vibe of offering each other support and love, free services, and even delivering groceries and household goods to those around in need! We are seeing the long-awaited strengthening of family bonds. With the lockdown enforced on everyone, families have come closer, and with that, it has brought unity and human connection that makes way for collective change and growth!

Your unexpected vacation: This lockdown has also mercifully provided us with a much-needed break from life’s crazy schedules, timelines, pressures, and obligations, isn’t it? It has given us the most profound opportunity to rest and heal – a once in a lifetime opportunity at a global scale. Take advantage of this time to be grateful, to tune in, and to start or finish, your own healing process. The Universe always listens – I am almost convinced that too many people yearned for a vacation at once! 

With all of that said, I wanted to emphasize the power of collective mindset and positivity, in order to assure you that we will all survive this together and that with every dark shadow, a profound light is bound to emerge.

Sometimes we just need to look at the bigger picture or look from a different angle or a perspective to be able to see it! Wishing you and your family all of the health, healing, and happiness imaginable and beyond. Here’s me sending tons of love your way!