Renowned dermatologist and aesthetic dermatologist Dr.Sadhana Deshmukh talks how in her routine practice PCOS has become so common.  She says 6 out of 10 women show PCOS symptoms when they walk in to skin clinic for various skin issues. Majorly it is lifestyle disorder. Where every woman is leading a stressful and competitive lifestyle. Lack of exercise and disciplined diet are major contributing factors for PCOS.

It Is one of the most common hormonal condition in women. Commonly characterized by increased levels of androgen (Hormones) and insulin. It affects 5-10% of reproductive-aged women. The typical PCOS woman would have oily skin thick skin tendency to put on weight. The cause of skin related symptoms is often due to an imbalance in male sex hormones ( testosterone ), along with an underlying Insulin Resistance, we as a dermatologist see Adult acne, oily skin skin tags, Hirsutism, baldness, Acanthosis nigricans etc.

In women, hirsutism is male pattern of excessive hair growth on beard area chest stomach and inner thighs. It can be extremely distressing and emotional problem.

Acne Vulgaris ( nodules likes pimples ), Scarring pimples.

Androgenetic alopecia ( loss of hair on scalp & baldness ). Dark velvety skin patches known as Acanthosis nigricans which appears on neck underarms on face (under eyes,forehead,around lips,) inner thighs.

The effects of androgen on sweat gland units in the skin can cause oily skin and follicular skin. These dermatologic features may provide early clinical clues to recognition of PCOS, and treatment of these cutaneous conditions may improve the patient's quality of life and psychological well-being.

Silent PCOS: where patient is not typically having the symptoms. Their  periods are regular, they are not obese and blood levels of hormones are normal, but only one of the skin manifestation are present. Such patients need a lifestyle change and they are sorted out without medicines. Only disciplined diet exercise and some skin care treatments can make their life so much simpler.

Treatment modalities: May include hormonal therapy intended to modulate androgen production and non-hormonal therapies directed toward specific dermatologic conditions. The main mantra for PCOS IS LIFESTYLE CHANGE ,A DISCIPLINED HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.

For hirsutism we can offer Hair-free pain-free laser hair reduction.This systems works by using pulses of the 810-nm diode laser Using unique, IN-MotionT technology and a patented DualChillT treatment tip ensuring that the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable. The sessions are done once in a month. And it takes 12 to 15 turns to make the thick terminal hair in to soft baby hair or permanent reduction.

Acne : can be treated with some oral medicines and applications. Salicylic based peels and retinol peels can be great help for these patients.

Other skin issues can be treated effectively with fractionated lasers and chemical peels.