This Picture shows trees and some sky & picture looks better than Delhi at 7 in the morning because nothing is visible due to high levels of pollution in Delhi & NCR. Doctors are advising vulnerable people like seniors, little kids, heart patients to stay indoors because low levels of Oxygen can trigger an attack of Asthma, heart attack, stroke...

Over the years there has been modifications in giving medicines for Allergies/ Asthmas/ COPD. 

Oral medicines were the routine during 70-80s and injectables were kept as a reserve for Emergencies only

Yes then they were as effective as fancy inhalers. One needs to take following to improve the lung Functions-

1) Bronchodilator to open up the passages of respiratory tract. Medicines are Derifyllin, Salbutamol and the derivatives. These medicines do increase the heart rate which is already under strain due to prolonged coughing, stress of illness and efforts put in to breathe in and out.

2) Some medicines are given to reduce stress and the heart rate. 1/2 tablet of Diazepam 5 mg during daytime has no sedation or addictive effects.

3) Diuretics may be needed ( depends on lots of factors like swellings seen and work load on the heart)

4) Steroids do improve general condition by bringing down inflammation in the respiratory pipes. 

5) Anti allergic tablets like Chlorpheniramine in tablet or syrup form.

6)Short acting steroids like Dexamethasone gives good relief immediately.

All of above medicines can be given through inhalers/ oral route/ injections.

Inhalers give immediate relief, so says the Pharma company & we have nebulizers and inhalers to be taken in powder form through a special device that can be carried in office bag in place of a Nebulizer.

I have been on oral medications for past 30 years+ and was prescribed inhalers/ nebulizers etc after a complicated heart surgery & I followed the prescribed medicines religiously for 6 years.

For past 3 years I have been taking same medicines in lower doses orally and I feel less cumbersome as I am Not Dependent on any devices to remind me about my illnesses.

Medicines were prescribed by my Professors at AIIMS & all I can suggest to others is to cut down the cost of medicines, take only prescribed oral dose 2-3 times a day, be cautious about quality of air rather than the Devices to be carried to work & forget about illness for rest of the day. Keep working because work takes away Stress which aggravates an attack of asthma/ COPD. 

Inhaling fresh Oxygen is as important as medicines. 

Stay indoors /away from polluted air and grow plants within the home.

Do consult your doctor before making any modifications. Above medicines are general and routine. 

Each patient needs to be prescribed according to symptoms and severity of disease.