The basic cause of our health and lifestyle illness is disturbing the Mother Earth program for the wellbeing of all the living species.

So it's high time and as we know; more than medicine or vaccine coming up and more research going on for how to save human life and to increase the lifespan and give a comfortable  disease free life. on the other hand more it is getting difficult as new disease coming and the immune system of humans falling and getting effected by everything like the food allergies are increasing . So it's a right time to help Mother Earth by stopping all no vegan diet as it is the main cause of all diseases.  All plant based diet helps in rebuilding the immune system as you can cross check by looking at the health and disease pattern of people on plant based diet. To produce all milk ,eggs,meat and all the non vegan food many hazards are happening to the world as  decrease in drinking water,weather changes and pollution due to these factors. Future I advice you to start on plant based diet for healthy lifestyle and disease free  and beautiful life.  This is shown in the documentary film made "conspiracy "; must watch