Monsoon is the this season that always leaves us happy and relaxed! And why not, after the scorching summer heat who doesn't want some pleasant & cool winds? Not to forget this weather spells a lot of trouble too! So here are some suggestions to double your monsoon mania!


Resist That Temptation

That nearby chat wala may look tempting but avoid it, for the monsoon is famous for the gastro problems. It ushers in. Just make a list of essential and avoidable foods and follow it religiously.

Leaf Me Alone

Don't eat leafy veggies during the monsoon because that's when bacteria thrive on these plants, making it easy for you to catch an infection. Also, leafy vegetables are rich in cellulose, making them difficult to digest. And in the monsoon, your digestive system becomes sluggish as it has to strive extra hard to fight against various infections and maintain its resistance. So, go slow!


Turmeric Tang

Turmeric fights germs. Consume 1 gm haldi every morning to keep infections at bay. Add a few drops of water, roll in a ball and swallow.

Hi Honey!

Honey is an excellent tonic to keep your intestine sterile. It aids digestion, gives you heat and counters mucus producing foods. Take 1-2 tsp at night to get a good night’s sleep. Taking it in the morning with warm water helps you detoxify.

Garlic Gyan

Garlic kills germs. Have it as a chutney or swallow it as a capsule-you can't go wrong with it.

Tanh Ki Shakti

Enhance your immunity by eating right. Include an amla which is rich in vitamin C in your daily diet. Other foods that can keep you kicking are oats, barley and garlic. Green tea is excellent to boost your resistance. However, avoid drinking strong milky tea, for it can lead to acidity.

Skin Sense

Monsoon is the time when infectious diseases abound due to high levels of humidity. And these diseases manifest themselves in the form of boils, acne, furuncles and carbuncles. Some common fungal infections infect scalp leading to hair loss and black patches on your scalp, arms, legs, foot and groin.