Physiotherapy is the one of the fastest growing field with various branches. Normally patients suffering from spinal problems are referred for surgery or strong medications which may cause numerous side effects like ulcers, kidney problems, etc. But the truth is so many patients were amazingly healed by proper physiotherapy techniques. There are lot of manual techniques available for disc prolapse / herniated disc problems. In which the therapist will use his hand skills to fix the the bulged disc and release the squeezed nerve roots. Sciatic kind of back pain may cause severe radiating pain which starts from low er back and radiates down the buttock region and back side of the thigh and calf muscles. 

Physiotherapy can guarantee complete healing with some maintenance exercise for this problem. In the same manner, those who are having neck problem may have radiating pain down the arm, forearm and fingers can also be benefited by proper physiotherapy. Some patients who may have giddiness associated with neck issues can be treated by physiotherapy in a excellent way.  Those who are referred for knee replacement surgery can also get proper physiotherapy done and postpone their surgery for 5-10 years.