“Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease” is a hormonal disorder where instead of one mature follicle; multiple immature follicles are formed in the ovaries. These are seen as small collections of fluid (follicles or cysts) in an ultrasound examination. The term definitely has the word Disease but this is not a Disease, it is an alteration in the body. It’s a body that is functioning in a different pattern.

It is seen in the Reproductive age of a female common between the age group of 16-34.

  • What causes PCOD?

   The exact cause of this condition is unknown. But its presence is usually seen in obese constitutions, having lifestyles & habits that tend to cause weight gain. It also has genetic association.

  • How to identify?

It mainly deranges ovulation, causes either late ovulation or no ovulation. Whichever the case, leads to Irregularity of Periods. There is a difficulty to conceive for those who want to. So, it’s one of the main causes of Infertility. It also causes Obesity & Insulin resistance which may lead to Diabetes. We usually find the Waist to Hip ratio of such females equal to or more than 1.

  • How to deal with it??

Now, this is the important part. Management of this condition differs from person to person.Ovulation is deranged which means conceiving a pregnancy is tough. But if you’re an unmarried girl who has nothing to do with pregnancy, why bother. What difference is it going to make in your life if you skip a period or two (provided you are sure that you aren’t pregnant). Course of hormonal medicines will regularize your periods but this condition repeats itself once these medicines are stopped. Just prevent weight gain as that worsens this condition,or if you already are overweight then losing weight should reverse this condition.

Yes, for someone who wants to plan a pregnancy treatment will really help. But the treatment should be aimed towards getting pregnant & not regularize periods. Ideally pregnancy itself is the best treatment of this condition. Post child birth this condition gets self-corrected in many of the females.

To sum it up, PCOD is not a disease it’s a different type of body. Different not abnormal.